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When and where will the music festival take place?
The festival will take place on December 22nd and 23rd in Havana, Cuba.

What is the duration of the festival, is it just one day or several days?
The festival has a duration of 2 days.

Is the music festival suitable for all ages or are there age restrictions?
It is suitable for all ages in the evening activities which runs until 8 pm.

Are cameras and recording devices allowed during the concerts?

Are pets allowed at the festival?

Will there be food and beverage booths inside the festival?

What artists and bands will be present at the festival? Is there a program or schedule of performances available?
Yes, the program is available on the web

Will the festival have additional activities, such as workshops, craft markets or relaxation areas?

How can I get more information or contact the festival organizers if I have additional questions?
Check the website or you can write to the email festivalhavanarpm@gmail.con

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